What is a MAU in RF

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What is a MAU in RF

Postby Admin » Thu Dec 31, 2009 6:23 am

Dear friends, nice to see you in Mmooffers. our aim is to make you happy with a more excited life in RF. By the way, we have collected the mainly information on other site.

MAU stands for Massive Armored(RF online gold) Unit. It was designed and built by the Bellatos after witnessing the powers of the Accretian Empire's mechanical bodies. However the Bellatos did not wish to give up their flesh in exchange for the power, hence they made the MAU as a vehicle piloted by a single rider.

The two MAU frames. There are two basic types of MAUs called frames, the Catapult and the Goliath. Goliath - This is the close range combat MAU, it uses its Arms, at times equipped with blades to deal damage to its target. Here We would provide you the cheapest RF gold with the fastest delivery.

It has a high defense, can be equipped with a booster to increase it movement speed for a certain amount of time, and in later upgrades be allowed to carry up to 8 additional packs of ammo while retaining its booster capacity. It can even be equipped with a net missile launcher that will prevent a target from moving for a certain period of time.

Catapult - This is the ranged MAU, its uses Gatling guns, flame throwers and rocket launchers to name a few of its weapons. Like the Goliath, these weapons are mounted to the arms of the MAU. It has a lower defense than the Goliath, but has a better accuracy and a better critical hit rate as well as a faster attack speed.

Its later upgrades allow you to hold up to 4 extra packs of ammo and at the same time booster for a shorter distance than the goliath boosters. It can be equipped with multi-missile launcher that reduce the target's defense, dodge and according to reports even block rate for a certain period of time. Each MAU part is bought separately and each have a certain requirement from the riders before they can be purchased. This is either a PT requirment or a level requirment.

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