The Upgrades of Unit PT in RF

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The Upgrades of Unit PT in RF

Postby Admin » Mon Nov 02, 2009 5:14 am

Dear friends, nice to see you in Mmooffers, thanks to the loyal and new RF customers for supporting us all the time, we will devote all efforts to returning, once again, thank you! And we have collected the mainly information on the other site.

PT 12 - Advance Headpiece (Goliath, Catapult). You can also buy RF gold from our site! PT 15 - Booster, Earthquake Punch (Goliath) Backpack, Flame Blaster (Catapult). PT 30 - Cutter (Goliath) Rocket Launcher (Catapult).

PT 40 - Net Gun Multi Missile (Sub-Weapon, Catapult). Once you reach Unit PT40, you can upgrade your MAU with a sub-weapon(RF online gold). The Goliath gets a Net Gun which can capture an enemy for 10 seconds, this prevents them from moving and attacking back.

The Catapult gets a Multi-Missile Launcher, currently available missile?s decrease defense and evasion rate?s of your foe?s. Each sub-weapon ammo clip can only be used 10 times before you need another clip. These clips cost around 33,000 varying dependant on your race?s current tax rate.

Advanced Upgrades: Base Level 35, PT 52 - Advanced Scissors (Goliath) Galvanic Gatling Gun- Catapult. Base Level 37, PT 62 - Last Weapon Upgrades and Leg Armor Upgrade +10 elemental defense Base Level 38, PT 75 - Last Chest Armor Upgrade with more DEF

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