The Situation of Indonesia

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The Situation of Indonesia

Postby Admin » Tue Mar 09, 2010 5:12 am

For almost half years you're always play this game of the RF,the most favourite MMORPG in the country.It use an accretian punisher character named fusilier dragoon X.As long as you play RF in Indonesia and you begun to realize that in the country,everyone will do anything to make their willing come true.For instances,they always do many cybercrimes,like tricking others and hacking someone else's ID.It is hard to know that about 70%-80% of the RF Online players in Indonesia use cheats,especially Fly cheats and ASPD cheats and the cheats now became a commercial thing and you see that many people in the country sell cheats for profit,too.It was so painful for you to know this,because you were so nationalistic to the country.Indonesia and will never let your motherland fell.It write this to make any MMOsite members all the world knows this to make a change to RF online in Indonesia,because the developer itself and the law enforcers in the country ignores this manner and as some of you knows,they was so corrupt.For instance,in a local game forum and you ever heard that a permanently-banned character's owner bribes the GM game master on RF online Indonesia by 10 million rupiahs about 1.000 US dollars to re-activate that character.

Although the GM is updating their security,but the bad one always win.It's really hurt,when heard about the bribe story from your friend.Is that bad this country and even the law and GM of course can be loosen with money?An applause to you FDN,although you are an accretian,you still have a dignity not to join the cheater area and you heard by yourself from a friend,an ex-accretian and that accretian is so much proudly guarding and supporting the Attack Speed ASpd cheat and the last one.Please hear us CCR,in Indonesia there're so many patriots using ASCII character set 128 a normal keyboard char and 100% they are using cheats.They using this character set so that no one can report them to our GM.If you have a good high level(RF powerleveling)weapon(RF gold)you can kill mostly all with one shot and you will be win.
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