Ranger Class Bell Oder Cora in RF

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Ranger Class Bell Oder Cora in RF

Postby Admin » Wed Feb 10, 2010 3:16 am

Ranger Class Bell Oder Cora in RFDate:02-09-2010 views: 13 Author: Editor: lj Text Size: A A A Welcome to our site. So some players kept wondering about Bell and Cora. Here our site has collected some information about RF, it may drive your attention and help you some.

Cora and bellato have a ranger class with speacialize or guns. For cora, we think the level(RF gold) 30 class you should pick is the one with a net or hold class skill, thats the opposite class of the hider or stealth type ranger, then for level 40 choose the one with playdead class skill, that's what we thought.

For bellato, upon reaching level30 choose the one which a add damage buff, also the opposite of the stealth class, then for level40 choose the class which the "eagle crusher" skill, this skill's main weapon is a firearm, it also have a skill which decreases the cooldown of your range skill.

Just to go for the bellato class if you need to know which one is the best on guns or firearm. We think it's called "hidden soldier or sniper". Sorry we can't give the exact class name, because it may different on our version.

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