Part Two: High Accuracy of CORA in RF

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Part Two: High Accuracy of CORA in RF

Postby Admin » Thu Dec 24, 2009 8:34 am

Hey guys, now here is a guide for all RF players. We think it will be helpful for you. Hope you will like it. Just have fun in Mmooffers!

Corite Fausts/Summoners are unique in a way that they are a very versatile mystic class(RF online gold),they can be tankers or damage dealers (using Isis) or the crit lock type. summons are so handy that xclassing between melee or range is common because the summons are the corite specialty.

The summons. ISIS - the most popular summon as this is normally the PVP(RF gold) summon of choice, capable of dealing great amount of damage. Hecate- with it's AOE and Crit stun, this is also a very usable summon. This is the summon used by the corite guild ineffable to beat the reigning NCAS.

Champions- Demonz bellato guild. This summon also possess a high amount of dodge so it is a very usable farming summon. Paimon - the tanker summon, used for lvling up to lure monster into attacking it while you kill those hapless monsters.

It has a very high defense but pathetic damage. It is useless in PVP however with the introduction of race collision and the barricades, this summon allows the Corite troops to make an impassable wall to ward off those trying to break the chip.

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Thanks for reading. Our site has collected the information on other site.
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