How to Level RF MAU

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How to Level RF MAU

Postby Admin » Thu Jan 07, 2010 5:16 am

Hey guys, now here is a RF guide for all the players. Mmooffers think it will be helpful for you. Hope you will like it.

Why do you need unit PT? Well, its one of the things that dictate what MAU parts you can use. So if you don't have a high UNIT PT, you may be high leveled but your MAU will still be of a lower grade. Here is the best online website for players to buy RF gold service.

Leveling your MAU is actually very easy, remember that whenever you are inside your MAU what ever experience points you get, will automatically be converted to unnit PT points. Here We would provide you the cheapest RF online gold with the fastest delivery.

This means that anytime you attack a monster or your party kills a monster, your will get UNIT PT points instead of experience points provided that you are inside your MAU. So just stay inside your MAU during PL sessions to level your UNIT PT, or you can also use your MAU for farming.

Final Word: RF is not made to be taken alone from start to finish, you will need to find parties that will help you level especially at the higher levels. Each party has their own set of rules that its members must follow, we recommend you know these rules and follow them. You don't want to be black listed from certain PL parties since they are your best hope to reaching level 55.

Here we supply cheaper RF powerleveling service online with fast delivery for players who need them, please come and have a look. And our aim is to make you happy with a more excited life in the game. we will try our best to provide customers the best service and the safest delivery.

Thanks for reading. Our site has collected the information on other site.

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