XP Guide on RF Driver

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XP Guide on RF Driver

Postby Admin » Mon Mar 01, 2010 8:21 am

You wont get any xp while ridding a mau, best way would be pt your melee or range to have higher damage weapons(RF gold) and if you spam your melee and range skill pt and reach a 50/50 pt on each you can have access to your expert skills, PTing force will add you more skills too.

We suggest also that you join parties who can do mobbing in RF, or parties who focuses on killing HERO or CHAMPION type of mobs, ride your mau to help on DPS against those mob and before it dies eject from your mau to get xp once your party kills it.

If you're talking about the longrange MAU, no, range pt wont affect the dps of your longrange mau But, melee pt helps, the stronger melee weapon you hold will add damage to your MAU, LR or melee mau. Just pt your range to wear high level and high defense long range armors, plus more stamina p0ints.

You have to have an item or a charger to add your melee weapon and overall attack damage to your MAU when you ride it. You can find HERO and CHAMPION type mobs in hq, cauldr0n, elan, beast m0untain, 0C and biolab. 45 will be a good level(RF powerleveling) to party with the others.

On your higher levels you need those extra damage from panzer gen. You need to deploy your mau you need a t0ll or delivery fee, click accept and yes your doing fine in storing your mau.

Lastly, low level goliath only has one backpack for ammos, but on higher levels you can upgrade it and maximize your ammo backpacks. If im not mistaken it's on level 45 upgrades.
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