Combine Excelsior Pieces in RF

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Combine Excelsior Pieces in RF

Postby Admin » Thu Jan 28, 2010 2:14 am

Hello customers, welcome to Mmooffers! thanks to the loyal and new customers for supporting us all the time, we will devote all our efforts to returning. By the way, this RF guide was taken from other site, Hope you like.

Go to "TOOL NPC (HQ)" and buy Gold(RF online gold) and Silver Catalyst, and go to HERO (NPC) and click Item Combination. The Recipe are:

10 Pcs. Excelsior Pieces + 5 Silver Catalyst + 2 Gold Catalyst = Grade A Excelsior
15 Pcs. Excelsior Pieces + 12 Silver Catalyst + 5 Gold Catalyst = Grade B Excelsior
30 Pcs. Excelsior Pieces + 20 Silver Catalyst + 10 Gold Catalyst = Grade C Excelsior
NOTE: Grade A Excelsior (Level 30-35 Weapon). Grade B Excelsior (Level 40 Weapon). Grade C Excelsior (Level 45 Weapon)

White Excelsior - Holy Force
Red Excelsior - Fire Arm / Fire Force
Purple Excelsior - Purple Item Combiner
Olive Excelsior - Jetpack
Navy Excelsior - Water Force
Green Excelsior - Bow
Brown Excelsior - Earth Force
Blue Excelsior - Staff / Wind Force
Black Excelsior - Melee Weapon(RF gold) / Dark Force
Yellow Excelsior - Launcher

Strong Field Lance + Intense Field Lance + Black Excelsior Type C = Strong Intence Field Lance. Excelsior are used to combine 2 the same kind of weapon.

Combining Excelsior are done on Hero (NPC) with a payment of 100,000 (Race Currency) and Combining Weapon are done also on Her(NPC).Combining Excelsior might Failed and Destroy the Material you used and you still Pay 100,000 (Race Currency) Even it failed. You will still retain the 2 weapon (Only the Excelsior you used are destroyed)and you still pay 100,000 (Race Currecy) by combining Weapon might Failed and Destroy the Material you used.

Hope it is useful, we are glad to help you if you have any question or wanna buy RF powerleveling service from our website.Just contact with our customer service! Have a good day in the wonder game.
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