Character Naming Tips in RF

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Character Naming Tips in RF

Postby Admin » Thu Jan 21, 2010 7:06 am

Dear friends, nice to see you in Mmooffers, thanks to the loyal and new RF customers for supporting us all the time, we will devote all efforts to returning, once again, thank you! And we have collected the mainly information on the other site.

You can change your hairstyle. You can change your class or equipments(RF online gold). Your name, however, stucks with you forever. Having a bad name is like having a big "L" tatooed on your for head. In this post, we are going to go through what many gamers already know about how to make a good name for your character.

The native American naming method: [Adjective]+[Noun]. Example:SleepingWind, CalmSky. Pros: Many players(RF online gold) choose this method because it is simple and easy to recoganize. A good combination of two words can result in a very interesting name. There are many examples we can use here. Cons: Too long. If my name is BleedingLance, by guilds and teammates are going to call me BL or bleed for short. Eventually, the short version of our name will be reconganized and the original one would be ignored by our friends .

The backward method: Nuon or Evitcejda. Example:Nogard, Wodahs. Pros: If one day your friends decide to flip your name over, they might be surpriced by the hidden word. In every game, on every server, there is a "Nogard" running around just waiting for someone to discover the true meaning of his name.Cons: Too hard to recognize. If we see someone named "Wodahs," our first reaction would be "Is he Arab?" instead of "It's the backward shadow!"

Dictionary method: really hard word. Example: Abnegator. Pros: Deep. If you meet a scholar or someone with a good vocabulary, they would be impressed by your name. Other than that, not much advatages. Cons: Too deep. It's a game not the SAT show off your vocabualary somewhere else.

Biological method: name of an organism. Example: Sycamore. Pros: A biological name can reflect your characteristics and relationship with with the organism. If your name is Canine, we can assume you are going to be a good firend, or howl. Cons: Some names made by this method can be hard to understand. There are more methods to name your character, but my laptop is running out of juice, so we guess we have to make a part 2 for this post.

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